Meow Wolf - Santa Fe

Updated: May 30

This trippy place is known as Meow Wolf. Inside, this building holds multiple artistic rooms based on a story you can unravel. We had no idea what to expect during our visit, so we were stunned to find a house inside this building. The vary basic idea is a family entered a pocket dimension where different places merged. That is why there are aliens and other styles of architecture in one spot. This place was so fun to explore; at one point, our goal was to see it all and see it all connected. Imagine walking through a fridge to end up in a spacecraft or sliding down a washing machine to end up in an overgrown treehouse. My personal favorite was the room designed to look like an old cartoon. The photos I took are a bit grainy due to it being so dark, so they are brightened and enhanced, but nothing is altered to look different. We highly recommend visiting just to have a thrill of exploration as we did. We hope you enjoy it!

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