Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras is one of the most significant event in New Orleans. It’s full of costumes, colorful beads, and parade floats. Welcome to Mardi Gras World! Here we bought tickets and saw parade floats that will be part of this enormous event. The characters here are mostly styrofoam, with a wooden base to keep it attached to the float. Some of these are generations old; the King Kong almost touches the ceiling and was made back in the ’60s.

Here is a funny story; they were giving out delicious king cake. Something I didn’t know about this cake, was that they put a toy baby in it, which symbolizes Jesus as a tradition. I took a few bites of my cake and bit a tiny plastic baby. I pulled it out of my mouth and showed it to Taryn, who started laughing. It turns out I have become blessed with good luck for the rest of my days. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Check out their site below!

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