Longue Vue House and Gardens

Join us on a tour of the Longue Vue House and Gardens. We started our journey by walking up a gravel driveway. The drive was surrounded by oaks covered in Spanish moss. At the very end was the Longue Vue House. The first thing we noticed was a fountain with 3 women on top. They represented Zeus’s 3 daughters Euphrosyne, Aglaia, and Thalia; also known as the Three Graces. Our tour guide led us inside to a huge open hallway; where we were informed this was the first actual air-conditioned house in New Orleans. The house consisted of more rooms than most would know what to do with. There were rooms for everything. One of them being a gift wrapping room they used to give guests of their parties a present. The house still had a significant amount water damage from Hurricane Ida that had yet to be repaired. Outside was a gorgeous garden that surrounds the house. A long fountain stretched through the garden,. Lending itself to a very calm walk. We got to see their active garden full of fresh vegetables that are used by the staff our sold for raising funds. Our last stop was the wild garden; where we got to see what appeared to be a well-manicured forest. A controlled wilderness. There was a small pond and waterfall next to a building the original owner of the house once used as a quiet place to read. Hope you enjoy it!

Their site is below!

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