Kitchen Mesa Trail

One of the most intense hikes we have been on is the Kitchen Mesa Trail at Ghost ranch. This one took us by surprise because the app AllTrails called it moderate. It stretches 3.7 miles and has an elevation gain of 718 ft. The first hill was pretty steep but nothing too bad, but after some wavy hills, you’ll see why I say it’s intense. We had to walk up loose dirt and climb waist-high rocks, and right before you reach the top of that second climb, there is a small ledge you have to go across and scrabble up something they call the chimney, a 15 ft scrabble, which is a gap between 2 walls you have to climb up. Once you get to the top of it, you’ll be greeted with a perfect resting area with rocks to sit on and perfect shade, thanks to the chimney walls. The rest of the hike was another fairly steep hill but not intense. The last bit of the walk was flat ground that gave a fantastic view of the valley below. We got to hang out on the cliffside and eat some food before deciding to head back down. It was a race back down as the sun was setting. Climbing was hard enough when we could see, but when that sun went over the horizon, it turned pitch black. We did make it in time; however, we did make a few wrong turns trying to navigate back down. The golden hours were upon us; I decided to get a few shots of a nearby rock formation in the goldish pink lighting. We hope you enjoyed this journey.

See the trail for yourself below!

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