A Day on Bourbon Street

Take a walk with us through the French Quarter. From these pictures, you can see the daily life in New Orleans. At the beginning of our walk, we encountered a street performer who brought in a vast crowd. We watched as he told jokes. He ended his routine by shoving himself through a tennis racket. The buildings tower over the narrow street. Each is colorful, making the environment stand out. Some have plaques explaining the history of the buildings. These were homes to all kinds of people, like pirates and the infamous Madame Delphine Lalaurie. Mixed with it all, are a few bars. One of which is the oldest structure used as a bar in The United States; having been a blacksmith shop in the past. On the streets, so much is going on. Carriages are passing by, carrying people who are touring around. Music from live bands can be heard from every corner. It’s an exciting time to spend a day down in the French Quarter. Let us know what you think.

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